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Dr. Robert “Bob” Joseph Swan, American Indian names of Eagles Watch Over Him and He Who Flies with Eagles, (November 11, 1942 – January 1, 2013) was a Native American leader and businessman. He is most recognized for his dedication and contributions towards Indian education and tribal community development. Dr. Swan, of Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, MT was born to Charles and Margaret (Parisian) Swan, in Harlem, Montana. He grew up on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, Montana and graduated from Box Elder High School in 1961.


Bob joined the United States Navy, where he served our Country with honor from 1961 to 1967. He was proud of his time serving aboard the USS Essex. In October 1962, the Essex was docked in Havana, Cuba and was ordered to pull out in the middle of the night. It was not until years later that Bob learned how close the Essex came to being torpedoed during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Bob was a proud member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

After his Honorable Discharge in 1967, Bob began his educational career, earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology in 1971 and an Masters of Arts in Guidance in Counseling in 1972 from The University of Montana (UM). Bob was a faithful and ferocious fan of his UM Griz! He then went on to the University of South Dakota, where he earned a Doctor of Education in Adult and Higher Education Administration in 1977. Bob was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award from The University of Montana in 2003.


Ever the entrepreneur, Bob began developing consulting businesses in college. He and his cousin Edward Parisian created SWEDCO. With the addition of Eric LaPointe, this company was later named LPS and Associates. Bob then founded RJS and Associates (RJS). In 1996, this firm was the 2nd company incorporated under the laws of the Chippewa Cree Tribe. RJS began modestly and has grown over the years into a very successful consulting company. Bob served as the CEO from 1997-2004, when he took a job with the Chippewa Cree Community Development Corporation as the Business Manager. Bob turned over RJS operations to his eldest son, Jim Swan.

Dr. Swan was especially proud of his legacy with RJS. Over the past 40 years, he and his associates have successfully raised over $350 million, mostly for tribes, tribal organization, and other native entities throughout Indian Country. Dr. Swan was also proud that the majority of these funds were brought into his home, Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. In addition to prolific grant writing, he and his associates specialized in training, technical assistance, program evaluations, and planning. Dr. Swan was proud of RJS and it was his desire that it serve as his legacy, such that it continue on long beyond his time on this earth.

Personal Life
Bob was known for his kind heart, generosity, and friendliness. He was a voracious reader, loved to hunt and fish, and was an avid collector of American Indian art. Bob became an enthusiastic Facebook user in his final few years, where he became known for the daily posts which brought great joy and laughter to his family and friends. Bob brought happiness to everyone he met – even people he didn’t meet. Bob’s best friend on Facebook was Wes Cochran, a man that he never met in person. He and Wes shared daily posts that entertained many people. Bob’s last post ended, “This [New Years Day] was also a day to forgive everyone that you had words with the prior year…” Bob saw the good in people and the power of forgiveness.

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